Reservation Process



  1. Submit Application for Use
    • Thorough and detailed responses are required for each question in order for applications to proceed to the review process.
    • moCOLAB applications are reviewed monthly. Those received by the first of each month will be reviewed by the 15th of that month. Applications received after the first of the month will be reviewed with the next month’s applications (ex: October 5th application will be reviewed in November process).
    • Look at the moCOLAB Application Evaluation Form to get a sense of how the applications will be evaluated.
    • Applicants may receive approval for use, denial of use, or request for clarification from the review committee.
    • Once an application is approved, renters will sign a user agreement between themselves and KU Center for Research.
  2. Become Familiar with moCOLAB Use
  3. Reserve Transportation Services
    • Once your application has been approved, determine and reserve transportation support for the moCOLAB to and from your destination. One option is Anderson Rental in Lawrence, KS, as they can provide a truck, licensed driver, and insurance to transport the moCOLAB for an hourly rental fee ($75/hr as of May 2016).
    • MoCOLAB renters should pay costs for truck and driver directly to the providing company; routing payments through KU is not necessary or supported at this time.
  4. Day(s) of Use
    • Use of the moCOLAB must be kept within the days reserved; early pick up or late drop off are not included in reservation.
    • moCOLAB must be returned clean, orderly, and ready for its next use. Please report any damage or malfunction to Nils Gore (
    • Take photographs to document the event and acquire consent from those in the photos to be included on the website. A photo release is included at the end of this document.
  5. After Use