Aaron Rule

Aaron Rule

Hello, my name is Aaron Rule.

A funny fact about me is that I have named my road bike Sebastian (after Johann Sebastian Bach).

My jobs on this MoCoLab Airstream project include managing the materials/ knowing where everything is at all times and being the fabricator (i.e. creating the custom shapes for the Airstream with either the laser cutter or CNC Router) as well as creating a schedule of when everything is to be assembled. I chose to work on this design-build project due to the scale and complexity of this project. Not often do students get their hands dirty and learn hands-on skills. Especially since learning the process of building is essential to our architectural careers and education. I have also been fascinated with Airstreams since I was in grade school. There is a majestic quality about an Airstream. Also, the purpose of making this MoCoLab for community use and is very important for us to understand as architects. We are builders and designers for the community!

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