Newest pictures 8.6.14

A long overdue post showing some of the latest pics. We really are narrowing in on the finish. The biggest piece of work to be completed is the hatchback. The rest is bits and pieces. We installed all of the low-voltage lighting and the long counters on the side. You can’t see it in the pictures, but the recycled tire flooring is installed (the pink rosin paper is for protection.)

CS Humphrey helped us out by applying finish to the walnut benches up in the front. They look fantastic!

2014-07-25 11.57.26 2014-07-25 15.26.16 2014-07-25 16.28.27 2014-07-28 16.56.32 2014-07-29 16.50.38 2014-07-29 16.51.01 2014-08-02 16.37.44 2014-08-02 16.58.06 2014-08-04 16.54.26 2014-08-04 16.54.52 2014-08-04 16.55.34

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Latest Photos

This gives a sense of what the final quality of the MoCoLab will be like. A warm wooden interior space with seating for a number of people. The semester ended with some work left to be done. It will be wrapped up in the summer by those of us left in Lawrence.

2014-05-12 17.25.00-1 2014-05-12 17.29.53 2014-05-12 17.31.10-1 2014-05-15 02.16.48 2014-05-15 14.00.10 2014-05-15 14.21.49 2014-05-15 15.18.18

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The Final Countdown

With our final review only a week away, construction of the MoCoLab is in full swing! The interior wood paneling is being installed and the window sills are being constructed.

1252499243 20140508_165733

Teams are working on fabricating the movable carts/tables and seating.

20140508_182121 20140508_163051

New axles and air conditioning have been installed and the exterior lighting is working. We are hard  at work and much more progress will be made in the next week!

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“Look at that shine!”

Our polishing experts Aaron and Johann have been very busy making this Airstream look brand new! I’d say they’ve done a pretty great job!


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How To: Make a Panel

One task that we have really been focusing on lately is the making of the wall panels. Our process is pretty interesting, so I thought I would share how we created and bent over 100 panels (so far).

Step One is to make a plug for each panel shape. This is done by figuring out the exact dimensions of the airstream curves, and cutting pieces to reflect that curve, and then arranging them across a 5′ board. Once the pieces are glued and nailed together, a piece of masonite is attached to the top of it, along with a layer of tape to ensure that no glue touched the surface.

IMG_7353 IMG_7354
Step Two is to cut all of the panels to their rough dimensions. Once they are all cut, another set is needed to create a double layer. The two panels are glued together with a piece of paper on the front. This paper is to mark the number of the panel, as well as to Once that is all completed, the panels are ready to go inside the vacuum bags.

Step Three is to put the glued panels into the vacuum bags. Once they are placed, the vacuum is turned on to eliminate any air from the bag, causing the bendy-ply panels to form to the shape of the plug. The panels stay in the bag for about 20 minutes.

IMG_7356 IMG_7357

We now have piles and piles of the different panel shapes!


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Weekend Developments

We’ve been working hard this weekend to make some progress on the MoCoLab. The wall panels are almost all vacuum pressed and will soon be ready to be installed.

20140427_145621 20140427_145443-2

The windows are looking nice and shiny and new weather stripping is being added to them. The EcoHawks have begun work on running conduit in the interior of the trailer.

20140427_145655 20140427_150947

We’ve also begun fabricating test furniture out of the baltic birch and bendy plywood before we begin the final versions.

20140427_145336 20140427_145341

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Progress 4.23

Things are starting to come together for the MoCoLab! Ribs have been installed, wall panels are in the production process, and the exterior is being polished!

In addition to these big steps, many of us have been working on tasks such as ordering and researching materials, putting together plugs for each wall panel form, and carefully cleaning each window to bring them as close to their original state as possible. The new wheel wells have been built and installed and look great! Progress has also been made in the development of furniture and we are hoping to get started with building the pieces very soon!

IMG_7346 IMG_7347IMG_7349

Our digital fabrication team has been working hard on creating a rhino model and proper technical drawings, and they are looking great! Stay tuned for progress on those!

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CCAD Students Design a Live-Work Airstream

A team of about 170 students at the Columbus College of Art and Design have begun a semester long project to create a mobile Airstream office/living space. The group is re-imagining the iconic Airstream that could be used by a younger, hipper type of traveler. Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler said this type of Airstream has been waiting on their to-do list, so he respected the decision to give these students a shot. “This brand has  survived for 83 years only by reinventing itself for each generation,” Wheeler said. “If this was really going to be relevant for the worker of the future, it needed to be something designed by them that would appeal to them.”

ccad-airstream-13 600xx4900-3264-19-0Airstream_interior


ccadairstream05 600ccadairstream06 600

The CCAD students have presented an initial cardboard mock-up of the design and a 23-foot Airstream shell to their specifications was delivered this month. The students will have until the end of the school year in May to build the interior which looks very similar to our Airstream, complete with collapsible furniture and a hatch door. Turning this prototype into a commercial product that will be mass produced is the team’s goal. Last week, they pitched the idea to Airstream corporate offices.

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In our initial planning, we considered libraries as one of the potential users of the MoCoLab. With this thought in mind, these precedents offer insight as to how the Airstream can be used in this way.

First is Il Bibliomotocarro. Antonio La Cava is a retired schoolteacher who rides around the Italian countryside bringing books to children and adults in various villages. He does this to spread the love of reading, and stops in eight different places.

Antonio La Cava in his book mobile and library.

The second example, is the Arlington Heights Memorial LibraryBookmobile. for 41 years the Arlington Heights Memorial Library has taken their bookmobile to the streets of Arlington Heights, making more than 50 stops and transporting more than 4000 books, magazines, video games, and DVDs to around 2000 patrons every month. Not only is this mobile library useful to transport items, but to also make personal connections between library employees and the community. The bookmobile attracts and caters to people of all ages, which is why it has been so successful.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 4.59.44 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 4.57.29 PM

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City Hall To Go

We all know how unpleasant it can be to spend the day at the DMV, and other government centers. With this in mind, a community outreach program in Boston has created a ‘City Hall To Go.’ On this truck, residents will be able to complete tasks such as paying parking tickets, obtaining a library card, or even registering to vote.

The truck is a refurbished bomb squad van and was inspired by food trucks. City officials are pleased with the result and are glad that such services are able to be more accommodating to their residents, especially those that do not have internet access or may need a little extra help.

City Hall to Go Truck Side (440)City Hall to Go Truck Front (220)

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