KC Design Week Exhibit 3.27.15

The moCOLAB was parked outside the Kansas City Center for Architecture and Design on March 27 to help kick off KC Design Week. Inside we had an exhibit featuring work by faculty and students in the KU School of Architecture Design and Planning having to do with design in the public interest.

Work exhibited included:

Chad Kraus, Arch 409 Studio (Dirtworks)
Matt Kleinmann, Arch381 workshop (Empowering Neighborhoods and Activating Urban Streetscapes)
Bakary Suso (Kinitiative and Case for The Gambia)
Lance Rake (Kickstarting Social Change: bamboo bikes, skateboards)
KU Center for Civic for Social Responsibility
Tim Hossler (Narrative Walls)
Joe Colistra and Nilou Vakil (Merchant Row Brownstones)
Tyler Galloway (Stand Up KC)
May Tveit (Big Red)
Shannon Criss, Arch608 studio (Emerging Economies)
Nils Gore, Arch409 Studio (moCOLAB)

The same exhibit will be on the lawn in front of Marvin Hall on the KU campus, on April 10, from 11:00am-2:00pm.

Many thanks to all who participated in the making of the exhibit, including:  Sarah Jones, Ashley Claussen, Jeff Swiontkowski, Riley Uecker and Austin Griffis of KU SADP; and special thanks to Dawn Taylor and Kristen DaMetz of Kansas City AIA for helping us get set up there. It was a fun event!

150327_KCDesignWeek--001 150327_KCDesignWeek--002 150327_KCDesignWeek--003 150327_KCDesignWeek--004 150327_KCDesignWeek--005 150327_KCDesignWeek--006 150327_KCDesignWeek--007 150327_KCDesignWeek--008 150327_KCDesignWeek--009 150327_KCDesignWeek--010

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