Barker Neighborhood Block Party 10.5.14

The second MoCoLab event was held in Lawrence to support the Barker Neighborhood Association’s attempts to improve walkability in the neighborhood. Last July, in conjunction with the City of Lawrence, AARP Kansas and Kaw Valley OWL, Dan Burden, executive director of the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute, came to Lawrence to hold workshops and develop a study of the neighborhood. The intent was to enable Barker neighborhood residents, the city and interested citizens to develop short-term, intermediate-term and long-term goals to make the neighborhood more livable for all.

The results of the study were exhibited in the MoCoLab and included an interactive map inviting residents to contribute to the knowledge base, a looping video, “Moving Beyond the Automobile: Road Diets,” and selected pages from Dan Burden’s final report.

Special thanks to KU architecture students Ragan Allen and Brittany Hodges, with Architecture for Humanity, for preparing maps and participating in the event.

141005_Barker_event-008 - Version 2 141005_Barker_event-032 - Version 2 141005_Barker_event-039 - Version 2 141005_Barker_event-049 - Version 2 141005_Barker_event-076 - Version 2 141005_Barker_event-084 - Version 2 141005_Barker_event-088 - Version 2 141005_Barker_event-105 - Version 2 141005_Barker_event-121 - Version 2 141005_Barker_event-136 - Version 2 141005_Barker_event-139 - Version 2

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1 Response to Barker Neighborhood Block Party 10.5.14

  1. Cathy Reyes says:

    The MoCoLab reminds me of the Anish Kapoor Chicago “bean”…. only it travels! Looks great!

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