Cherry Pit Dialogues 09.12.14

We had our first event on Friday night! It’s been a long journey since we picked up the 1972 Airstream Land Yacht just over a year ago and transformed it into the KU Mobile Collaboratory. Now we get to put it to use working with regional communities. It’s been enormously challenging and rewarding for all involved. We still have a few minor punch-list items to take care of, but it is capable of going on the road, supporting the work of KU researchers in community engagement.

The first event was the Cherry Pit Dialogues organized by professors Matt Kleinmann and Shannon Criss of the KU Architecture department. Their Arch608 studio courses have been working with a loose community of “makers” in Kansas City to explore the spatial implications of newly emerging businesses and local maker economies. The event was an exhibition of student work and a social event to share and celebrate the work of the students and makers.

The MoCoLab was parked outside the Maker Village KC at 31st and Cherry to provide a space for viewing videos that the students made to communicate the work of the Kansas City makers. Other student work was exhibited inside the Maker Village.

The Makers:
Second Life Studios
Thou Mayest Coffee
The Local Pig
Maker Village KC
City Ice Arts
Talk Shop / Katz Drugstore
Think Big

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