How To: Make a Panel

One task that we have really been focusing on lately is the making of the wall panels. Our process is pretty interesting, so I thought I would share how we created and bent over 100 panels (so far).

Step One is to make a plug for each panel shape. This is done by figuring out the exact dimensions of the airstream curves, and cutting pieces to reflect that curve, and then arranging them across a 5′ board. Once the pieces are glued and nailed together, a piece of masonite is attached to the top of it, along with a layer of tape to ensure that no glue touched the surface.

IMG_7353 IMG_7354
Step Two is to cut all of the panels to their rough dimensions. Once they are all cut, another set is needed to create a double layer. The two panels are glued together with a piece of paper on the front. This paper is to mark the number of the panel, as well as to Once that is all completed, the panels are ready to go inside the vacuum bags.

Step Three is to put the glued panels into the vacuum bags. Once they are placed, the vacuum is turned on to eliminate any air from the bag, causing the bendy-ply panels to form to the shape of the plug. The panels stay in the bag for about 20 minutes.

IMG_7356 IMG_7357

We now have piles and piles of the different panel shapes!


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