Ideas from Global Entrepreneurship Week at KU School of Business

As mentioned before on the blog, KU School of Business’s Global Entrepreneurship Week asked student teams to propose ideas for the MoCoLab. At the Lied Center Event, 4 teams presented ideas. As reported by the Lawrence Journal World:

“Four groups were tasked with fleshing out an idea that would somehow make use of the Mobile Collaboration Laboratory, or the MoCoLab, a university project to turn an Airstream trailer into a roving venue for collaboration….

The groups presented their ideas on how to use the MoCoLab to improve the economic and social conditions for Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kan. Ideas included turning the trailer into a mobile shop (YouthBuild) that county high school students could use for construction and landscaping projects, a recruiting office for a program that trains high school students for work in the biomanufacturing industry, and a roving business incubator for the Wyandotte area.

The winning platform, developed by KU students Emma Murano, Brandon Wood and Kent DiasAbeygunawardena, would incorporate the MoCoLab into a social startup called “Wyco ShareStream,” a “mobile platform for first impressions,” as they described it. ShareStream would help small businesses in Wyandotte reach new markets around the Kansas City area via the MoCoLab.”

WYCO Share Stream (Student Team:  Emma Murano, Brandon Wood and Kent DiasAbeygunawardena):

WYCOShareStream-001 WYCOShareStream-002 WYCOShareStream-003 WYCOShareStream-004 WYCOShareStream-005 WYCOShareStream-006 WYCOShareStream-007 WYCOShareStream-008 WYCOShareStream-009 WYCOShareStream-010 WYCOShareStream-011 WYCOShareStream-012 WYCOShareStream-013 WYCOShareStream-014 WYCOShareStream-015 WYCOShareStream-016 WYCOShareStream-017 WYCOShareStream-018 WYCOShareStream-019 WYCOShareStream-020 WYCOShareStream-021 WYCOShareStream-022 WYCOShareStream-023 WYCOShareStream-024 WYCOShareStream-025 WYCOShareStream-026 WYCOShareStream-027 WYCOShareStream-028 WYCOShareStream-029 WYCOShareStream-030 WYCOShareStream-031 WYCOShareStream-032 WYCOShareStream-033 WYCOShareStream-034 WYCOShareStream-035 WYCOShareStream-036 WYCOShareStream-037

YouthBuild  (Student Team: Sam Florence, Dustin Adler, Brandon Kuzara)YouthBuild-001 YouthBuild-002 YouthBuild-003 YouthBuild-004 YouthBuild-005 YouthBuild-006 YouthBuild-007 YouthBuild-008 YouthBuild-009 YouthBuild-010 YouthBuild-011 YouthBuild-012 YouthBuild-013 YouthBuild-014 YouthBuild-015 YouthBuild-016 YouthBuild-017 YouthBuild-018 YouthBuild-019 YouthBuild-020

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  1. kufarming says:

    What a wonderful tool for students and communities!!!

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