‘Vagon del Saber’ Boxcar 1513

A project in Ecuador, via the designboom website:

“carrying neither freight nor tourists, the ‘vagon del saber’ boxcar 1513 renovation by ecuadorian studio al borde sees it transformed into a cultural public space. selected as part of the railway system recovery program by the ecuadorian ministry of culture and heritage, the community orientated project reactivates settlements along its route. after twelve years of absence these areas not only recover a means of communication but are enhanced economically, as the cultural promoters use the train car as an activator of public space and a meeting point for locals. the multifunctional nature of the carriage – it is without a strictly defined architectural program and therefore required a flexible design, to allow for musical performances, theater, community training, celebrations.”

(Tip o’ the hat to Roberto Castillo for alerting us to this. Feel free to send us good ideas if you see them.)


al-borde-knowledge-train-designboom05 img_6_1384539385_42fa3556f395af872f24b1968e058537 img_10_1384539385_ccbf313777deaf9b868590d30468aab5 (1)

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