The A47 Mobile Library

A cool project in Mexico City. From the ArchDaily website:

“The A47 Mobile Library is a project developed by the Fundación Alumnos47, a civil society organisation that brings learning communities together around contemporary artistic practices and visual culture. Given that the foundation’s major project is to build a public contemporary art museum by around 2014, it seemed reasonable to use a mobile unit to activate the museum’s existing collection until the building to house it is completed. Designing this unit turned into a veritable challenge. How do you take something so opposite to a piece of architecture as a lorry and turn it into not just a library, but a structure capable of hosting an entire spectrum of cultural activities? Looked at in this way, the archaic idea of building libraries started to regain a sense of modernity. Working on this premise, Mexican architecture studio PRODUCTORA came up with the design for a cultural centre within a 20 square metres space on board a Freightliner M2 20K lorry — a travelling building.”

(Tip o’ the hat to Roberto Castillo for alerting us to this. Feel free to send us good ideas if you see them.)

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